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Development of the Law Firm

Development of the Law Firm

In 1976, the firm was founded in Nuremberg by Dr Günther Kreuzer.

In 1979 the Nuremberg office moved to the present location at Lorenzer Platz.

In 1980 DR KREUZER & COLL started developing their own software. Since then there has been close cooperation with software developers and programmers   in order to optimise the management of judical procedures.

 In 1982 the Nuremberg office underwent considerable expansion to stay abreast of  growing demands.

In 1983 training positions were first created for advanced law students who had already passed their first State exam. Up to now DR KREUZER & COLL are active in this field and offer many training placements.

In 1990 the Dresden office was established with the commitment of Stefan Kreuzer who has been responsible for it ever since. The go-ahead was given by the authorities of the former DDR.

In 1991 DR KREUZER & COLL started giving seminars in labour law, dunning, environmental law, company law and numerous other fields concerning economic law. In this way the range of advisory activities for M.S.E.s is intensified.

In the same year training positions for jurists from abroad were offered for the first time.

 In 1992 DR KREUZER & COLL were named ‘training law office’ of the University of the West of England, Bristol. Since then young English jurists have been permanently integrated   in the everyday business of the office. It is very important  to give students from Germany and abroad, in addition to their university education, an insight into the practical legal business.

In the same year the firm started a network with five law firms from other European countries called ij INTERNATIONAL JURISTS, which is registered in London. Since then Dr Günther Kreuzer has been one of the managing directors of this network of internationally operating firms. Today there are 22 partner firms from Europe, USA, Russia and China and a total of more than 600 lawyers and 800 staff within the group.

The second expansion of the office in Nuremberg in 1992 ensured the meeting of the ever-growing demands of the firm.

Also in 1992 DR KREUZER & COLL won a victory before the German Federal Supreme Court of Justice regarding lawyers’ marketing. This was a milestone on the way to the current renunciation of the rigorous restrictions on the advertising of lawyers.

 In 1995 the first expansion of the Dresden office was undertaken, in order to cope with the growing needs of the firm also at the Dresden office.

In 1996 the third expansion of the Nuremberg office took place.

In the same year, through the appointment of Dr. Günther Kreuzer, DR KREUZER & COLL became members of the law and tax commission of the Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK).

 In 1998 the “KREUZER STUDY GROUP“ was born, a group in which our lawyers, acting as trainers to students, give a better understanding of aspects of legal practice.  The participation in this study group in our Nuremberg and Dresden offices is open to students of any semester.

In the same year the first version of KREUZER.DE was published online. Due to early participation with newly created information platforms, we offered from the very beginning of the online era, easy-to-reach information about ourselves and our range of services.

 In 1999, one of our lawyers, Stefan Kreuzer, became a lecturer for employment law in  the Legal Graduates Society Dresden.  In this way, we answered the invitation of the legal authorities for passing on our experiences to and training young jurists.

In the same year, the first issue of the “KREUZER BRIEF®” was published, a quarterly brochure, which since then has informed more and more people each year about current legal developments, as well as events within our firm.

2000 began with the opening of the “KREUZER DISCUSSIONS”, a range of discussions in our conference rooms in Nuremberg and Dresden, to which political and economics experts are invited and where current legal and economic themes are highlighted from all aspects.

In the same year, the firm was named as the designated trainer for students on the Leonardo da Vinci training program of the Università degli Studi di Milano. Through this we always have native English and Italian speakers to take care of our clients’ needs.

In the same year we presented for the first time both English and Italian versions of KREUZER.DE, so that both English and Italian speaking clients are offered transparent information about us and our range of services.

2000 also saw the fourth expansion of the Nuremberg office.

 In 2001 the office expansion saw a complete restructuring and rearrangement and the Nuremberg office has now over 2600 sq ft (= 800 qm) of floor space with an extensive, modern and transparent interior, which also fulfils basic standards laid down by ij INTERNATIONAL JURISTS Group.

In the same year, we started regularly informing the press, with the “KREUZER PRESSINFO”, about interesting legal developments and explaining judicial problems with current themes.

 2002 was marked by the further expansion of our international network:

through the nomination of the firm, as the official training firm of the University of Neapel Frederico II, through cooperation with “Factoria de Formación (Project “Argo” supported by the Spanish Ministry for Education) Valladolid, and through having at the time, a partnership of more than 10 years with the University of the West of England, Bristol,  our firm now has English, Italian and Spanish jurists working on location.

In the same year we strengthened our judicial quality management through the direct online connection, the largest legal databases in Germany. Researching for our clients was made even faster and more up-to-date.

In 2003 DR KREUZER & COLL through Dr. Günther Kreuzer was, after long years of working together, made the fiduciary lawyer of the Italian Consulate in Nuremberg. With this we have strengthened our international potential with both legally supporting Italian firms in Germany and with German firms who have economic contacts in Italy.

In the same year Dr. Günther Kreuzer was appointed to the “European Commission of the Nuremberg Lawyers Chamber” by its president. Since then, the firm has been a member of the board.

In 2004 one of our lawyers, Stefan Kreuzer, was appointed by the president of the regional appeal court as a lecturer of a study group, for legal trainees for Saxony.  With this, the commitment and experience of the firm in training young jurists has been rewarded.

 In 2005 DR KREUZER & COLL joined the nation wide operating venture competence-network networx and also the KLW M.S.E.s forum.  With this as our target, we have been able to offer more as an economics law firm through network contacts, expert knowledge and working together with partners, e.g. in the areas of finance, recruitment, human resources and sales.

As a partner of KLW and networx we are a source of information and a network platform for M.S.E.s and experts from various enterprises. We achieve this with our informative discussions and network group meetings.

 Today DR KREUZER & COLL in Nuremberg and Dresden have in total 13 lawyers and 20 supporting staff, along with trainees and postgraduates in around 1100 sq m of office space. With our ij INTERNATIONAL JURISTS Group, which has more than 600 lawyers and more than 800 supporting staff working together, we can solve your legal problems easily from Germany.