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We put emphasis on training our young generation of future lawyers. Each of those who are interested in our daily work now might once become a colleague.


Education/Training Applications


Trainee Lawyers Placement Students from abroad Secreterial Staff

Trainee Lawyers

With our training for trainee lawyers we offer our young colleagues the possibility to accompany one of our partners over a certain period.

Legal work is assigned  to them during that time. Their work is supervised and monitored on a day–by-day basis.


We want to pass on skills to them and enable them to find out where their individual interests lie.
Please apply in time if you want to participate as we cannot accept more than one applicant for each partner.

Placement Students from abroad

We give placement students an introduction to the German legal system and to the daily work of a German law firm.

They are an integral part of the law firm, take part in meetings with clients, deal with correspondence, for instance in international cases, and are also involved in the administration of our library.

As the number of traineeships is limited to two you should apply several months ahead if you are interested.

Our international partners for placements are

since 2001

University of the West of England, Bristol

Università degli Studi di Milano

since 2002

Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II

Universidad Complutense de Madrid   

Secreterial Staff

We put emphasis on providing apprenticeships for legal secretaries. Our aim is to employ them afterwards on a permanent basis.


Each year we recruit at least four apprentices and train them according to our programme.


Lawyers Trainee Lawyers Placement Students from abroad Secreterial Staff Legal Apprenticeship


Applications of young, business-like colleagues wanting to join our team are always welcome.

They should have a decent knowledge of the English language and take an interest in international legal questions.

 During the first few months you work in different legal areas so that you can find out where your particular interests are.

We also promote your qualification to become a specialist if there is a professional aptitude.

For further information please contact

Dr. Guenther Kreuzer (in the Nuremberg office)  


Stefan Kreuzer (in the Dresden office)

Trainee Lawyers

We offer trainee lawyers the possibility to get an insight into the daily work of a lawyer.

If you want to become a lawyer and want to get to know what the job is all about you can come to us, one of our partners will show you the ropes.

Within the framework of  this you can gather enough experience to begin your career after your second state exam.


For more information please contact

Dr. Guenther Kreuzer (in the Nuremberg office)


Stefan Kreuzer (in the Dresden office)

Placement Students from abroad

Legal support staff (students, young lawyers, experienced colleagues) from other countries is always welcome, from a stay for one month only up to one year.


If you are interested, please contact Dr. Guenther Kreuzer to arrange further details.

Secreterial Staff

We are always looking for young, bright legal secretaries with good qualifications. They can become acquainted with the daily work during a day spent in the office.


Please phone

 +49 (911) 20 22 111 

 to get more information.

Legal Apprenticeship

We put emphasis on training our legal secretaries right from the beginning. Therefore we need apprentices for our offices in Nuremberg and Dresden. A knowledge of languages is welcome.

Please phone

 +49 (911) 20 22 111


 +49 (351) 31 550 111

 to make an appointment.